About Us

Our company began in 1982 and we have been providing quality home improvement solutions since. Our customers span a very large geographic area ranging from Harrisburg to parts of New Jersey. This is due to our reputation for providing top quality workmanship at the absolute best prices. When we started this business in 1982 we had no idea how far our reputation would take us. We pride ourselves on our high number of customer referrals. This is the highest compliment any client can offer us.

Meet Our Management Team

Jason Larsen

Jason took over operation of the family business in July of 2000. He started out at the bottom of the company as an installer and worked his way up. Jason is a master installer with numerous factory certifications and awards. He uses his extensive hands on experience to continually improve the way American Remodeling operates, internally and externally. Jason is always researching and testing new products to ensure were installing the most technologically advanced products on our customer’s home. Jason believes we need great products; great installation and great service to make sure were giving our customers a home improvement project that looks great and serves their needs today and in the future.

 Robert Yeager

Robert joined American Remodeling Enterprises Inc. in 2005 as office manager. Robert was new to the remodeling business but he caught on quickly. He helped streamline the companies operation with his extensive knowledge of operation software. Robert now also handles the job schedule and installation crews.

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