Replacement Windows Pottsville, PA

Looking for high quality replacement windows Pottsville PA? Your search finally ends here! American Remodeling is your solution when it comes to your window replacement needs. Having broken damaged and old windows in your home could be a bit stressful. Windows are equally important with the other parts of your household. Thus, you should always maintain there good condition as well as there good looks. Your home windows not only ensure the safety of your home but also reflect the value of your property.

If you are having problems with your window replacement, American Remodeling can provide a solution to those problems. Homeowners who are looking for efficient, high quality composite and vinyl windows in and around Pottsville, Pennsylvania can rely on our company as all of our products offered are made with quality material and all manufactured in America. Our windows are made right here in the state of Pennsylvania.

American Remodeling windows are built using high quality features like its UV coating, insulated glass, contoured lift handles and tilt-in cleaning. Our windows are also engineered with warm edge spacer technology and come with multiple grid, multiple hardware and multiple color options.


What American Remodeling Offers

American Remodeling offers two main replacement windows which include vinyl windows by Okna and composite windows by StarMark.

All Our Windows Include:

  • Insulated Glass
  • UV Coating
  • Warm Edge Spacer Technology
  • Tilt-In for Cleaning
  • Contoured Lift Handles
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Multiple Hardware Options
  • Multiple Grid Options


Vinyl Replacement Windows

American Remodeling offers vinyl replacement windows that are manufactured under Okna brand in Pennsylvania. Vinyl replacement windows are among the strongest window replacements as it manufactured using the most complex material for making windows, which is the virgin vinyl. It has two major advantages which includes convenience and durability. The Vinyl replacement windows have a solid color that makes scratches unnoticed as they are just virtually invisible. There is no need to sand or paint the window. The Vinyl is very much different from aluminum and wood when it comes to insulation properties. Compared to aluminum, cold and hot temperatures are not transmitted through the vinyl making it energy efficient to use. On the other hand, wood can swell or shrink when temperature is fluctuating, causing issues. All of these make vinyl a viable choice for window replacement material. Together with the high quality features of the vinyl window, its manufacturing process, deigns and engineering , make our vinyl window the best in it’s class.

Composite Replacement Windows

American Remodeling also offers composite windows under the brand of StarMark. Each of their composite windows are manufactured utilizing the solid core cellular vinyl technology. Every frame is equipped with solid core that ensures its strength and durability. The composite windows are the strongest of all the current replacement windows on the market today as it they are not hollow. Composite windows also have an R5 insulation value making them a good choice, similar to some of the exterior type walls due to its insulation value. StarMark is well known for their high quality windows. Their products’ designs are made to be stainable or paintable and features details such as its glazing beads with some rounded beveled edges. If you are considering replacement windows in Pottsville, PA, give American Remodeling a call and schedule your FREE consultation.

View the features and styles available in Okna vinyl windows: