Roofing Contractors Harrisburg, PA

Our Roofing Contracting services are well known throughout Harrisburg, with an A rating in roofing services, we can provide you the best service, highest quality roofing replacements, at an affordable price. We cover many types of damage to your roof, from the most common to the most obscure.

We cover all sorts of damage, whether it is from age, hail, wind, or anything in between. No matter what your current problem is with your roof, we want to be here to help you whenever we possibly can. That is why we provide 24-hour emergency services, powerful one on one consultations with our professional roofing experts that know exactly how to solve the issues at hand.

Our roofing inspections are completely free, and are incredibly comprehensive, covering the standard common problems to the less noticeable and more serious unseen issues. There is no job too small or too large for us to handle, and we hope you will feel comfortable calling us right away when you are in need.

Your concerns will never be left on a call back list and will always be addressed promptly. We even work with your insurance company to make the entire process of repairing and replacing your roof as painless and quick as possible.

With American Remodeling roofing services, you can be sure we treat your roof, like it is our own! So give us a call today for our local Harrisburg roofing. We look forward to discussing your needs and coming to the perfect solution for you.




What kind of warranty does American Remodeling provide?

American Remodeling is a Owens Corning authorized installer, that gives us the ability to offer a lifetime shingle with a 50 year labor warranty that covers the complete replacement cost of a new roof in the event that the roof wouldn’t last the entire 50 years.

Warranty Information