Solar Attic Exhaust Fan

For that convenient and comfortable home, you must incorporate a well-ventilated attic which is achieved with the use of VentSure Solar Attic Exhaust Fan. By properly ventilating the attic, your home can obtain all the benefits outlined below.

With VentSure Solar Attic Exhaust Fan, you can easily deliver more balanced attic ventilation without the guesswork. With it, you have features like a controller module that continually monitors attic conditions and triggers fan operations when needed.

The best thing about an attic fan is, that it prevents heat buildup, mildew/mold and ice damming in the attic. Removing unwanted heat can help lower utility bills. Featuring an optional remote attic monitor, you are assured of fan operations without having to go into the attic. With the fan being solar powered, there is also no need to worry with the operational costs that are accumulated from traditional electric vents.

This perfectly balanced system provides proper attic ventilation of both exhaust and intake. The performance of the system can bring comfort and peace of mind by eliminating warm, humid air that helps prevent issues outlined below:

  • During the summer season, the humidity and heat often lead to mildew, mold, higher energy bills and premature deterioration.
  • During the winter season, a problem known as ice damming can occur when the warm air melts snow from your roof and it refreezes near the edges and gets under the shingles, causing leaks.
  • Features and Benefits of VentSure Solar Attic Exhaust Fan:

  • Active Solar-powered ventilation which helps increase the air that is exchanged than the passive ventilation. This is also as long as an adequate intake is observed.
  • Intelligent design and advanced technology featuring a humidistat and electronic thermostat. As per these additional features, they can help operate the fan whenever it is needed.
  • 3-position swivel design of a solar panel permitting the panel of being positioned for that maximum exposure to sunlight.
  • Ultra-quiet fan delivering that highest performance possible with only minimal noise.
  • Optional Remote Attic Monitor allowing a user of viewing the attic conditions and fan operation without going to the attic.
  • An energy-efficient backup for electricity that allows continued operation. This is especially when sunlight cannot be observed.
  • Five-Year Warranty on the Motor and Twenty-Year Warranty on the Solar Panel

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