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American Remodeling is your professional Sunroom Contractor Pennsylvania. Our sunrooms are manufactured in New Jersey using quality materials with state of the art technology. The walls are constructed of extruded polystyrene foam core with heavy gauge aluminum skin. The outside of the sunroom can be finished to match your existing home if that’s the look you would prefer. The windows are high performance glass and are AAMA certified. The screen system is retractable unlike any other sunroom on the market, which allows you to hide the screen when not in use giving you a cleaner exterior appearance.

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Before beginning a thorough research on a sunroom, there are some different options to consider. One of the first and most important things in any home improvement plan is the budget, and the next is the design of your project.  Another important consideration will be whether you want to design the room yourself, or you want to hire the services of a contractor. If you are looking towards hiring a professional to complete the job, then the professional services of American Remodeling as your sunroom contractor is a very smart choice.

When  constructing an add-on room you need to compare rooms of different types. There are two seasons, three season and even four season sun rooms that are available. American Remodeling offers Free in home quotes for your room. They also offer advice on the type of room that will suit your property best. If you compare different types first, you can settle for one that suits your home best. 

The experience of a contractor counts: A well experienced and dependable sunroom contractor like American will surely provide professional advice. Our in home specialist will guide you on installing the right sunroom for your home.

Major changes might be needed while constructing a new room. Air conditioning is just one of the important aspects to be considered while constructing the room.

The wall line, roofing, cooling and heating systems will involve some major alterations. If you don't have the knowledge on this, the services of a sunroom contractor will be of great help.

If you are considering a suroom contractor, contact American Remodeling today. Call 888-739-7339.


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