4 Types of Replacement Windows

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It’s generally pretty easy for homeowners to tell when they should replace their windows. You may see frost on the inside layer of glass in wintertime, water damage or drafts of air blowing the curtains. However, what may not be so apparent is the type of replacement windows you should consider and the types of installation methods to consider.

The Various Types:

Whether you have had to replace your windows in the past or not, you should know that there are three popular types of replacement windows you can consider and they are described below.

1. Since wood is a natural insulator, wood frames are also very popular for their high R-values. While you won’t have to worry too much about condensation, you do need to consider regular maintenance which involves periodic painting and scraping.

2. Vinyl is one of the most popular choices in the window replacement industry and not only does it have no condensation issues, but it’s also very energy efficient. Affordable and durable vinyl windows are for many the perfect balance between cost and effectiveness.

3. Fiberglass windows are a new type of windows that feature a very high R-value, which translates in saving a lot of money on the heating bill. On the other hand, they’re a bit pricy, which makes them a good choice for people who have higher budgets.

4. Lastly, Fibrex windows are a combination of vinyl and wood, using the best features of both worlds in order to create a type of window that requires little maintenance and is highly energy efficient.

Before deciding on the type of replacement windows you want, it’s best to speak with  window specialist in your area. Take into account the internet customer reviews, warranty offered, cost of installation and the type of installation method used. For a your Free Consultation, Call American Remodeling Today at 570-739-0980.