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Say Goodbye to Old Roofs with Our Shingle Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof can be stressful, especially when all the options out there seem daunting instead of exciting. Is replacement your best option, or should you look at something else? 

In this post, American Remodeling Enterprises goes over shingle roof replacement in Allentown so that you can see if it is right for your rooftop’s next few decades.

The Benefits of Shingle Roofing Replacement

These types of roofs are very popular amongst property owners and roofing contractors for the following reasons:  


Roof replacement is a popular choice in Pennsylvania because the products are reliable and of excellent quality. Most property owners are familiar with a shingle roof system and understand that it will last if you install it professionally.

Easy Damage Evaluation

It’s usually easy to tell that you need roof repairs with shingles. They will curl, discolor or loosen, giving you a clear indication of when you need to repair them. Other materials like clay tiles might only develop hairline cracks or allow water to seep through while remaining impossible to spot from the ground. 


Shingles will last for around 15 to 20 years or longer in optimal condition. You can get the best lifespan from the product by scheduling annual checks from a professional contractor like American Remodeling Enterprises. This way, you can deal with minor issues before they graduate to significant problems. 

Ideal for Icy Weather

Shingles work well on a sloped roof, shedding snow and rainwater efficiently. With the right preventative measures, you can easily avoid the formation of ice dams on this type of roofing in Pennsylvania.

Specialist Coatings

How can you upgrade your shingle roofing to suit its environment? Here are some ideas:

Versatile Style

Shingles come in a range of colors, textures, and styles. For example, you can opt for rustic cedar shakes to complement a lake cabin or thoroughly modern slate-colored tiles. It’s easy to find the perfect look to complement your property’s unique style, including the following:


Shingle roof replacement is one of the more cost-effective options for rooftops. The individual tiles are lightweight, so you do not have to reinforce your roof as you would with slate. The product is also far less expensive than clay tiles or metal. 

Easy to Repair

American Remodeling Enterprises always recommends that clients call for any roof repair. But it may not be necessary for a single loose shingle. Another area in which shingle roofs are ideal is that they are easy to install and repair and have easily accessible replacement pieces.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof? 

Facing a roof replacement is a costly undertaking and usually means that your family will need to vacate the home during the installation. Many homeowners wish to put it off for as long as possible but don’t leave it too long.

When should you seriously consider a roof replacement for your residential or commercial property?

Why Choose Us for Roof Replacement and More? 

American Remodeling Enterprises is the exclusive agent for the Enfinity Lifetime Roofing System. This system offers superior protection against extreme weather, water uplift, and leaking. These high-grade roofing products are also energy-efficient and highly resistant to wear and tear. 

The Enfinity System

The specialist components set this roofing system apart from others, including the designer shingles on offer. We also install the following:

Our Process for Roofing Around Pennsylvania

Professionals like American Remodeling Enterprises will try to minimize the inconvenience to their clients. For example, we offer flexible scheduling and won’t start any of the work until we have all the roofing materials. We remove the old roof quickly and efficiently, replacing the sheeting and installing your new Enfinity roofing system.

Get Your Free Estimate for Shingle Roof Replacement In Allentown

The team at American Remodeling Enterprises stands behind their work, which is easy to do with such a top-notch system. We believe in it so much that we offer our customers a double lifetime warranty. With a sterling track record that spans more than 35 years, we are the team to choose in Pennsylvania and beyond.

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