Our company began in 1982 and we have been providing quality home improvement solutions since. Our customers span a very large geographic area ranging from Harrisburg to parts of New Jersey. This is due to our reputation for providing top quality workmanship at the absolute best prices. When we started this business in 1982 we had no idea how far our reputation would take us. We pride ourselves on our high number of customer referrals. This is the highest compliment any client can offer us.

I Betty M Quick have the Best replacement windows out on the market from American Remodeling & Roofing INC. If you are considering replacement windows, there’s no reason to wait. The benefits start immediately. From upgrading your home’s interior to adding to its “curb appeal”, new windows rejuvenate the look of any home and change it from ordinary to extraordinary! But, what you might not know is that American Remodeling replacement windows offer one of the best investments of a LIFE TIME WARRANTY OFFER on their windows and workmanship. You’ll receive ENERGY SAVINGS OF 30%, winters are warmer and summers are cooler in the home. Cleaning and maintenance is free! But the most important issue of the American Remodeling windows are added security, which they bring to our family’s home.

Thank you American Remodeling and Roofing Inc

Mrs. Betty M. Quick


To Whom It May Concern,
We are so sorry it took so long to complete this letter. The reason for the delay is we wanted to experience different weather conditions before sending this evaluation. In the fall, a representative of American Remodeling visited us during a neighborhood canvasing event. They inquired if there were any remodeling needs we would be interested in having done. I indicated I needed 5 window replacements. The representative was courteous and offered to set up an appointment. When she arrived, she gave a comprehensive presentation using samples of actual windows. It was very informative. We decided to go ahead and have the windows installed. The installation went well.
It is now spring and we have experienced all different weather conditions. The windows are of good quality and have provided stable interior temperatures.

Some benefits from our new windows are:
– Easy Cleaning
– Leak free windows, even with up to 50 to 60 mph winds

I was able to heat our house with 2 small electric heaters most of the winter with an additional boost with the coal stove during December, January, and February. I saved a ton of coal last year and reduced my electric bill.
My wife and I highly recommend this American Remodeling and Roofing Inc. company that provided us with good installation and a quality product.

We thank you very much for the time and consideration your company provided for us.


Dave and Vassil Nye


American Remodeling,
Just a few lines to let everyone know what a beautiful job the crew did for us. We have had so many compliments on the huge difference it made. We were back and forth with a few companies (one was Power Windows Siding and Doors) and then saw your work and decided we loved American Remodeling’s work better. The quality was better and the price couldn’t be beat. We really appreciate Steve coming before and after the job was completed. The time he also put into explaining the financing, the job process was explained thoroughly and he understood what our needs were. Again a job well done.

Thanks again.

The Boyers


To everyone that participated in the sale and installation of our huge bay window, I say THANK YOU. The product itself is outstanding. It is just wonderful to no longer have to worry about the sun fading the furniture or the grand piano. The easy credit terms made available to us made this purchase possible.

The men who actually installed the window not only did a fabulous job on installing the window, but the new deep window sill, window trim, and outside capping are done perfectly. Not to mention the fact that their clean up would rival the performance of a professional cleaning company. They were courteous and did the job in much less time than I would have imagined. No mess-no fuss. Just a wonderful job.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Karen Korczykowski


I am writing to thank you and your men for doing such a GREAT JOB in installing my windows last week. They were working in less than ideal conditions during the installation on last Wednesday, as it was cold and rainy. They were very neat, efficient, and organized. They got started immediately and finished putting in 6 windows and had everything cleaned up and put away in just a few hours, allowing me to leave on time for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

I cannot believe the quality of the windows, the professionalism of your team, and the fine craftsmanship they displayed in working on my house. Everything they did, down to the re-hanging the blinds, curtains, and washing the windows was top notch. You should be proud that they represent you and your brands.

They explained to me each step that they were doing and I really appreciated that. As a new homeowner, this was a big investment for me to make in my first year of ownership! Due to the rain on Wednesday, they had to come back on a drier day to finish sealing and putting on the outside trim. They did this yesterday – Tuesday 12/1 – again, I hardly knew they were there and the finish is AWESOME.

I still have a few more windows to replace (as I am doing half this year and half next year) but I cannot wait to get the rest of them done now! I’d also like to have someone come back and give me a quote for 5 basement windows later in 2010 as well.

Please consider me a very satisfied customer at this point.


W. Frank McKamey


Just a short note to recognize Larry for being a knowledgeable presenter of his product (bath remodeling).

My wife and I were thoroughly informed, and we were impressed with the quality of the product. Our decision not to buy was solely economic. We also appreciated Larry’s style; not high pressure. We are both resistant to “high pressure salesmen,” but open to a personable approach like Larry’s. I am a professional salesman myself, and Larry does the sales job well.


Greg Phenicie


Dear Sirs,

We have recently purchased a new Bay Window for our living room and a sliding Patio Door for our home from your Company. People see it immediately and mention the great curb appeal it added to our house. We are extremely pleased with the look, how it keeps us cool from the sun’s rays in the living room, and the view to the outside it afforded us.

The rear of our house is close to a busy highway with a lot of noise, but when the sliding door is closed it has gotten much quieter inside the house.

And thanks to the gentleman who showed and explained the detailed markings of your product to us when we were deciding what kind of window we wanted to have in this house. We just moved in a year before and went through a hot summer and a cold winter with high electric bills due to old windows that were not insulated. The fact that the inside of the glass, when touched, does not change temperature in the heat and in the cold was a definite selling factor for us. Our electric bill proved to us that we made the right decision buying those windows.

We were also extremely pleased with the workmanship and professionalism from your installers on the job. It took them ½ a day to install a very difficult front window and sliding door. When they were finished with the installation they cleaned the windows and swept the floors and outside areas. We highly recommend the quality and workmanship to anyone who compliments the beauty of those windows, or are looking to buy for their own place.

Sincerely Yours,

Sandy and Delbert Gassert


The sales representative was very courteous and professional and knowledgeable. Everything was explained clearly to me. The gentleman who installed my vinyl siding did an excellent job! The installation and attention to detail was great, plus any questions I had were answered to my satisfaction. They are indeed assets to your company.

Peggy Reilley


I can’t quite figure out how spending money for remodeling could have been fun, but it was. Must be the REMODELERS! With almost constant rain, severe flooding in the area, delay after delay, but oh, the finished product was just amazing. I would gladly have this group back again. All I can say is, Congrats on a job well done!!

John & Pat Beck


We are very pleased with our bathroom remodel from American Remodeling. We received other estimates before starting the work and not only did American Remodeling come in with the lowest bid, they also were able to do everything we wanted done. Other companies couldn’t provide all of the services we requested.The workers were polite, courteous and skilled. They also cleaned up at the end of the day. We are very happy with our bathroom remodel. Friends and neighbors are amazed at the difference in our bathroom.


Liz & Steve Conte


I am a retired union cement of 42 years. I will say I had a very good experience with American Remodeling. I had 7 downstairs windows put in and I am very pleased with the job. The sales rep was courteous and informative. The guy that came to measure the windows was courteous and got his job finished quickly. I was home when the crew came to put the windows in and I was impressed with the way they worked together and the job was done very professionally. They took out the old windows and replaced the new ones in one day, all 7! When they were finished they ran a vac in the house and cleaned up everything outside. These windows are airtight and we love the way they fold in to clean them. I would recommend American Remodeling to anyone.

Fred Stone


I wish to thank your company, especially your work crew assigned to install my windows. My wife and I are pleased with the quality of the windows and their appearance. I do not recall the names of the installation crew, however they were professional and focused. I particularly remember the team leader was informative and friendly. They wasted no time in beginning and finishing the installation of our windows. This was an efficient operation. I believe that from the sales presentation to the final installation everyone representing your company was honest, sincere and skilled. Thank you for your products and services.


Don Confer


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