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Upgrade Your Roof with Our Stylish and Functional Rubber Roofing Options

Have you heard of rubber roofing? It’s a flexible, affordable, and durable alternative to the more conventional shingle roofing in Pennsylvania. Could it be the right choice for your home? 

In this post, American Remodeling Enterprises discusses the benefits of rubber as a roofing material to help you make an informed decision. 

The Many Benefits of Rubber Shingles

Rubber roofs are becoming more popular because they offer several benefits, including the following:

Rubber is Durable

Rubber can easily withstand Pennsylvania’s extreme weather conditions. It resists peeling and flaking and sustains less damage during hail storms. 

Rubber is Waterproof

The roofing is naturally waterproof, negating the need for an asphalt coating. There is no need to worry about inclement weather stripping the waterproofing layer, either. You can also make it a green roof and not worry about leaks.

Rubber is a Flexible Option

You can choose any type of rubber roof, even in shingles or sheets.

Rubber is Hardy

A rubber roof bears up well under heavy weight, another reason it is an ideal living roof option.

Rubber is Energy Efficient

Rubber is one of the best roofing materials for energy efficiency as a natural insulator. It seals the heat inside during winter. You can also opt to coat the roofing with a reflective compound so that it reflects light and heat for cooler indoor temperatures in summer. 

Rubber lasts

Your roofing installation can last between 30 and 50 years with little maintenance. A typical asphalt shingle roof lasts around 15 to 20 years by comparison. 

Rubber is Easy to Repair

Do you want a low-maintenance roof? Rubber needs a professional contractor to inspect the roof annually for leaks. However, all they will likely need to do is apply a latex patch to reseal the roof and give it another whole year of life.

Rubber is Safe

Your rubber roof installation is fire resistant. It also has excellent resistance to cyclic fatigue and UV radiation.

Rubber Forms a Seal

Rubber is an ideal choice for flat roofs as it effectively keeps out water. With shingles on a low-pitch roof, the wind may blow rainwater back through them. Rubber as roofing forms an impenetrable seal. 

Rubber is Strong

The primary advantage of this type of roofing for the Pennsylvania climate is that it is able to handle extremes of temperature well. The material is highly resistant to thermal shock, so temperature extremes will neither crack it nor make it brittle.

Rubber is Easy to Install

In fact, rubber is one of the easiest types of roofing to install, saving time during the installation process.

Rubber Leaves No Waste

Rubber is more environmentally friendly because you can recycle it. So, once it reaches the end of its useful lifespan, it can begin as something new!

The Installation of Rubber Roofing

Installing rubber roofing in Allentown involves a multi-step strategy from professionals like American Remodeling Enterprises, including the following: 

The rest of the process is the same for other roofing materials for a flawless finish.

More About Rubber for Roofs

Is Rubber Roofing Boring? 

No, rubber is versatile because you can mold it to resemble many different materials. It comes in a range of colors and textures, so it is difficult to tell this roofing material apart from shingles. 

Is This the Ideal Choice for Green Roofing?

Yes, rubber is ideal for a green roofing installation. Rooftop gardens also reduce the internal temperature in the building dramatically, so it is much more than a pretty feature. Rubber solves the downside of green roofing—the soil holds too much water—by protecting the roof beautifully. 

Why Choose Professional Installation? 

Rubber roofs are relatively simple to install but with much to go wrong without the right expertise. For this reason, manufacturers make their warranties contingent upon professional installation. On top of these assurances, an experienced team like American Remodeling Enterprises will always bring unmatched warranties to the table.

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