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Which Color Shingle For My Roof?

Which asphalt shingle color blend is right for your home’s exterior?

Choosing a color asphalt shingle for your roof can be a stressful decision. Here are some of our favorite shingle/exterior combinations!

American Remodeling roof replacement Black Asphalt shingle

Granite Black is one of the most popular asphalt roofing shingle color blends. It goes well with almost any siding option from a white vinyl siding, brick, and more. Try a trendy combination with a darker siding like this!

American Remodeling Roof Replacement Cornerstone Asphalt Shingle

Cornerstone is a darker neutral blend shingle that pairs well with exteriors that lean towards a warmer tone. Try it with tan/beige siding, a warm tone stone, or a creamy painted brick.

American Remodeling roof replacement Biscayne Enfinity Shingle

Biscayne is an awesome, modern cottage/farmhouse style shingle that pairs especially well with light colored exteriors like this creamy brick.

American Remodeling roof replacement Castle Grey Enfinity Shingle

Castle Grey is a medium cool grey color blend that goes well with stone and other cool toned exteriors like white siding. Try this cool grey with a light grey, or blue siding.

American Remodeling roof replacement Shadow Brown Enfinity Shingle

Shadow Brown is a warm, darker brown color blend that goes very well with red brick as well as other warmer toned exteriors. Try this with tan/beige siding as well as warm toned stone.

Interested in learning more about our Asphalt Shingle color blends?

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