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What is the Best Siding for Cold Climates?


What is the Best Siding for Cold Climates?

The best siding for cold climates is a siding which is protective, insulative, and aesthetically pleasing. The best siding for cold climates can be recommended by our expert siding specialists here at American Remodeling. We take the time to determine what works best for your budget, your pre-existing design elements, and how much insulative protection you’d like to have to preserve your home from harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Read on to learn more about how we can

Let’s Break Down Which Siding Options Work Best in Cold Climates

The following siding options work best for cold climates in many cases:

Vinyl Siding for Cold Climates

Vinyl siding for cold climates works quite well with its affordability and insulative protection. It can also be designed with various styling to match your preferred aesthetic. Vinyl siding may become brittle and crack during extremely cold weather periods, yet if it’s a higher quality vinyl siding, it will likely be able to withstand consistently cold weather efficiently and effectively.

Wood Siding for Cold Climates

Wood siding for cold climates has the ability to withstand all of the elements nature can throw at it. The only thing you have to be aware of when it comes out of wood siding is the fact it needs to be maintained consistently throughout the years. Wood naturally absorbs water, and if it absorbs too much water due to lack of waterproofing or degrading or waterproofing, you run the risk of developing rot within your wood siding. If you can commit to maintaining your wood siding consistently over the years you’ll likely have a very long lasting product for many decades to come.

Brick & Stone Siding for Cold Climates

Brick and stone siding for cold climates has the ability to preserve both the interior heat and cooling, thanks in large part to its natural, insulative nature. Brick and stone siding are also very easy to maintain, requiring little to no maintenance for several years at a time. The only downside with brick and stone siding is its cost. While it is costlier in the short-term, long-term planning suggests it’s actually cost effective. This is something to consider when selecting your siding for cold climates.

Fiber Cement Siding for Cold Climates

Fiber cement siding for cold climates has the ability to offer both affordability and effectiveness from cold weather climates. It’s not the ideal choice for most homes in colder weather climates, yet it can still get the job done while being an effective, efficient option for those looking to save money and still have relatively strong performance when it comes to insulative effects.

Metal Siding for Cold Climates

Metal siding for cold climates can provide a very nice look to homes and it’s also extremely durable in its structure. The only relative downside is the upfront cost. It is one of the more expensive siding options for cold weather climates. If you can afford it, we’d highly recommend metal siding as an option for cold weather climates like we have here in Pennsylvania.

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