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How Long Does a Roof Last in PA?


How Long Does a Roof Last in Pennsylvania?

A roof lasts in Pennsylvania similarly to any other state which has four seasons and harsh temperature changes throughout the year. A roof in Pennsylvania lasts about 15 to 30 years. There are various factors which affect this lifespan, and we’ll explore these various factors in-depth throughout this latest piece from the team at American Remodeling.

Pennsylvania’s Harsh Weather Throughout the Year

Pennsylvania has both high high and low lows when it comes to the weather. The summers are hot and humid, and the winters are filled with snow and freezing temperatures. These fluctuations throughout the year and over multiplied decades can truly wreak havoc on even some of the ebay roofs in the business. It all comes down to quality materials, proper installation, and regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of your roof in Pennsylvania.

Factors Which Affect the Lifespan of Your Roof in Pennsylvania

Below are some of the common factors which affect the lifespan of your roof in Pennsylvania:

Quality of Roofing Materials

The quality of roofing materials varies, much like any other product. There are more expensive materials which will likely last longer over time due to their quality and durability. There are also cheaper materials which may not last long at all due to their cheaper upfront costs. All in all, it’s always better to make the upfront investment into your roof through purchasing higher quality materials first and foremost. From there, you can rest assured you’re selecting the right roofing materials for your new roof and not have to worry about materials degrading just a few years in due to unnecessary frugality.

Weather Conditions Throughout the Year

The weather conditions in Pennsylvania vary wildly from year to year. Some winters there’s very little snow, and some winters there’s many feet of snow all at once. The same goes with summers. Some summers there are high temperatures with little to no rainfall, and some summers are relatively cooler with tremendous amounts of rainfall. All in all, the weather in PA is quite sporadic and unpredictable. With this style of weather comes degradation of your roof, as the roof itself has to adapt to the variety of weather patterns. If it doesn’t adapt, it will likely fail over time and this is not ideal.

Quality of Overall Work

The quality of overall work in any project or endeavor is extremely important. If the work is not completed properly from the start, you run the risk of having problems arise later on which were not anticipated. The quality of our work here at American Remodeling is heavily focused on doing the job right the first time.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof in Pennsylvania

Increasing the lifespan of your roof in Pennsylvania comes down to regular inspections, using quality materials, roof maintenance, and choosing the right roofing company in Pennsylvania; American Remodeling.

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections help prevent minor issues from turning into major problems. A proper inspection from American Remodeling can help identify areas of concern so you can feel confident in your roof’s ability to last for several more years to come. Our inspection services are top-notch and focus on combing through even the most intricate details to diagnose any problem areas which may turn into a very expensive issue.

Using Quality Materials

Materials make or break any construction project when it comes down to it. The higher quality the materials, the more likely you’ll find the roof to last for many, many years. The cheaper the materials, the more likely the roof will degrade much quicker and cause problems over the long run. Investing in higher quality materials from the start will likely save you several thousands of folders over the course of time.

Regular Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance can do a whole lot when it comes to extending your roof’s lifespan in Pennsylvania. Having a roof maintenance team visit your home to properly remove any debris, check for weather induced damage, and provide touch ups here and there to better preserve your roof’s overall quality will further extend the life of your roof. AS with anything else in life , if you take care of it and treat it right, it will last longer and provide for many years in the future.

Hiring the Right Roofing Company: American Remodeling

Hiring the right roofing company from the start will allow you to rest easy knowing you have the right team in place to properly install your new roof in Pennsylvania and have you and your family enjoying your home knowing you’re under the care of true professionals. Feel free to contact us using the form below and we’ll be sure to respond to your message as soon as possible. Contact us by phone at 833-243-8786 to speak to one of our amazing customer service agents and we’ll be happy to coordinate a time for one of our estimators to visit your home to determine the next best steps. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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